About us

Only the very best of Advertising for a multi-dimensional “happening”

The event showcases – on a 16 x 9 meters giant screen – only the year’s most creative, eye-catching and original creations produced globally. Screened in a spectacular venue, the selection is destined to delight genuine Ad Lovers no matter their background. The Night of the AdEaters® is also designed for professional Ad Gourmets, providing them with creative “food for thought”, limitless inspiration for quality creations…

Overall, The Night of the AdEaters® is designed to delight genuine Ad Lovers: It’s is a marathon-like fest where “The Good Ad” is the wide-screen movie itself, where the audience sings the songs along, celebrates and networks with the greatest actors of the advertising industry.

The event begins with a spectacular opening show, and proposes a VIP lounge, a huge stage for live concerts, more than 50 promotion booths for the event’s partners, an award ceremony, a mini job fair, master classes, workshops, panel discussions, and seminars. The show is everywhere, on-screen, on-stage and in the venue, and delivers on its promises for any attendees.

Executive Summary

  • A Screening Party dedicated to Advertising and a global community of Ad Lovers
  • A French concept born decades ago and globally acclaimed (12M attendees since inception)
  • A celebration of Advertising presented in 50 countries on 5 continents since 1981
  • A combination of cinema, music, food, masterclasses, promotions, activations and networking
  • The latest creative trends and cutting-edge creations from the event’s partners
  • A high-profile networking opportunity for communications and audiovisual professionals
  • An emotional and enticing atmosphere for those powered by creative synergies
  • A source of inspiration and a self-forgetting celebration of Creative Excellence
  • A kaleidoscope of international trends, ideas, humor and visual expression