AdLovers Club

In connection with the Night of the AdEaters 2019® we‘ve launched AdLovers Club® & Insider Community for the Communication Professionals which offers a number of business advantages, B to B channels, networking & training options, enhancing the business trust on the market. We intend to build a vivid all year active professional community, that inspires, connects & generates business for the Members. Based on our „Fair Business Commitment” the access to the Club is linked to minimum 3 Club members recommendation or a list of references from the applicant side.

The main Event of the AdLovers Community, the Night of the AdEaters Dubai. This magic Ad Screening Party combines a unique Parade of Creative Masterpieces from 120 countries, a Public Online Voting & Award Ceremony celebrating the regional creativity, Live Concert, Show elements and dozens of Activations of our Sponsors and Media Partners. And obviously there is a networking gathering of 5000 communication professionals.

We linked the discounted access to the AdLovers Club membership and its wide range of benefits (Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum levels) to the entries and Appearances on the Night of the AdEaters Main Event in Dubai.

AdLovers Club® The Insider Community – Our Mission

1. We’ve approached the human side of the industry, focusing on the common values, causes & interests
2. We provide a multiplatform for the talented, progressive, ambitious & creative market players
3. We boost the inspiration of our Members providing networking, communicational & business advantages
4. We connect our Members with the trends and trend-setters of the industry
5. We strengthen the business trust on the market in the whole GCC region
6. We help increase the personal brand of the owners & founders
7. We create a “Quality Label” for the actors of the communication industry
8. We link the quality entertainment to the professional training
9. We promote our Members, helping them to get better deals

AdLovers Club® – Benefits for the Members

1. Discounts for the Night of the AdEaters & AdLovers Club Networking Parties sponsoring packages and also on the entry pass prices
2. Free promotional channels reaching all the Club Members & thousands of other professionals (AdLovers & AdEaters webpages,newsletters & social media feeds)
3. Free or discounted promotional area on the Night of the AdEaters & the quarterly AdLovers Club Networking Parties (according to Package levels)
4. First-hand access to the communication briefs, pitches or tenders from the client side
5. Image/Testimonial video interview on the “ALC Success Stories Dubai” YouTube Channel
6. Discounts on services and products of all Club members,first hand access to last minute offers
7. Own data sheet and continuous multiple presence on the ALC website, social media & the AdLovers Club print issue
8. Mutiple appearances in the monthly AdLovers newsletter sent to 10.000 professional email addresses
9. Opportunity to perform live as keynote speaker on the thematic AdLovers Club events presenting & promoting the profile, activity & specific skills of their compan
10. Showcase of up to date Media Kits, Presentations, Last Minute offers, Training materials