MENA Emotional Awards

In addition to – and in connection with – the first Night of the AdEaters® in Dubai, we are launching the first MENA Emotional Awards, based on an online vote open to everyone and complemented by an official Award Ceremony. The great public is finally given the opportunity to vote and award directly the very best of the region’s most creative materials based on their emotional impact.

Creative agencies and production companies based in Dubai, the UAE and the MENA region have submitted their best creations released since 2013 in three categories:

The "MENA Emotional Award" will be given in three different categories on the day of the event :

  • TV / Cinema commercial
  • Online commercial
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)commercial

The synergy between The Night of the AdEaters® and the MENA Emotional Awards will stimulate the curiosity and taste of both professional content creators and non-professional Ad Lovers. It will lead them to a quality-oriented approach of advertisements, while creating an ecosystem where “Loving Only the Best Ads” is no longer a trend but a must.

The combo Night of the AdEaters® and MENA Emotional Awards will focus the attention on the viewers’ emotional attachment to some Ads and campaigns, just like a “Big-Size Focus Group”, sharing valuable insights and helping understand the “most loved” concepts and their visual execution and ultimately retarget future marketing campaigns.

Mena Emotional Awards entries:

Only the very best of Advertising for a multi-dimensional “happening”

The event showcases – on a 16 x 9 giant screen – only the year’s most creative, eye-catching and original creations produced globally. Screened in a spectacular venue, the selection is destined to delight genuine Ad Lovers no matter their background. The Night of the AdEaters® is also designed for professional Ad Gourmets, providing them with creative “food for thought”, limitless inspiration for quality creations…

Overall, The Night of the AdEaters® is designed to delight genuine Ad Lovers: It’s is a marathon-like fest where “The Good Ad” is the wide-screen movie itself, where the audience sings the songs along, celebrates and networks with the greatest actors of the advertising industry.

The event begins with a spectacular opening show, and proposes a VIP lounge, a huge stage for live concerts, more than 50 promotion booths for the event’s partners, an award ceremony, a mini job fair, master classes, workshops, panel discussions, and seminars. The show is everywhere, on-screen, on-stage and in the venue, and delivers on its promises for any attendees.

Executive Summary (What to Expect)

- A Screening Party dedicated to Advertising and a global community of Ad Lovers

- A French concept born decades ago and globally acclaimed (12M attendees since inception)

-A celebration of Advertising presented in 50 countries on 5 continents since 1981

-A combination of cinema, music, food, masterclasses, promotions, activations and networking

-The latest creative trends and cutting-edge creations from the event’s partners

- A high-profile networking opportunity for communications and audiovisual professionals

- An emotional and enticing atmosphere for those powered by creative synergies

-A source of inspiration and a self-forgetting celebration of Creative Excellence

- A kaleidoscope of international trends, ideas, humour and visual expression