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A Local Adaptation of the “AdEaters’ Recipe”

Famous for revealing unknown creative gems and promoting amazing award-winning Ads, The Night of the AdEaters® program consists of a wide selection of materials, carefully chosen among the thousands of Ads delivered worldwide every year for the big and small screens. Ultimately, the event is meant to be a Creativity Booster thanks to the screening of dozens of amazing, intriguing, shocking, and funny commercials, representing international #creativity, #passion and #trends from the world of advertising.

AdVillage Media FZ LLC, organizer of The Night of the AdEaters®, Dubai Edition, adapted the original concept to create a unique customized event matching the Dubai audience. The idea behind the Dubai Edition is to establish a local and regional platform and build a community of professional and non-professional Ad Lovers.

The organizer’s long-term vision is to promote quality Ads, highlight regional creativity, and stimulate the local creative fabric, from freelancers to creative agencies and production companies, while inspiring young talents and satisfying pure Ad Lovers with creative, cultural and artistic insights and values through unique, innovative and interactive activities.

The unique "Cinematheque Jean-Marie Boursicot"

At first, Jean Marie Boursicot only intended his cinematheque to serve as a resource for students of advertising, so he mainly approached business schools and professional training organizations. Well-received by the advertising community and supported by the major agencies, the Jean Marie Boursicot Cinematheque gradually expanded its activities. Jean Marie nevertheless soon realized that without public or private subsidies, he would have to find new financial resources to ensure the preservation of advertising archives and guarantee the Cinematheque’s survival and independence.

In 1981, he created the first “Night of the AdEaters”, called “Treats” with two objectives: to share his passion and to raise the funds necessary for the maintenance and restoration of old films. The “Night of the AdEaters” is born, and becomes both publicity and entertainment.

The Cinematheque Jean Marie Boursicot: the biggest and oldest film library in the world dedicated to TV and cinema commercials. Jean Marie Boursicot, creator of the concept, defines the spirit of this event, whose success has continued unabated for 37 years :

“The Night of the AdEaters is above all about sharing”.

Fascinated by the cinema since his childhood, Jean Marie Boursicot spent much of his early years haunting the movie theaters of Marseille, France. One Christmas Eve, his parents gave him a small projector as a gift. The projectionist noticing his continued presence, sympathizes with him and regularly provides him with bits of advertising film. Hence the beginning of a collection was born. Jean Marie wanted to enlarge his collection, and therefore took to the dustbins of film distributors, which, giving no value to commercials, would systematically get rid of them after use. Jean Marie’s archive grew rapidly.

Inspired by the fact that no one was keeping old commercials – neither the advertisers nor the agencies, nor the producers -, he decided to found the first advertising film library in the world.

In short, the “Night of the AdEaters” became advertising and advertising became the show. The cinema-crazy little boy had become the “guardian of the temple” and the “memory” of the ephemeral world of fashion and creativity. Established in Switzerland since 2005, for insurance and copyright reasons, the “Jean Marie Boursicot Cinematheque” is now internationally recognized as the first living museum of this particular sector of advertising films